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iEarth & bioCEED workshop – Planning a phenology experiment

This is an example task created for the workshop with iEarth and bioCEED on how VFG can be used in a planning phase.

The experiment

We want to put out cameras that takes pictures of vegetation over time. With that, we can see how the vegetation changes over one or more seasons.

Figure 1. (A) Camera mount, (B) Camera, (C) Battery, (D) Solar cells


  1. We want a place with dense vegetation cover
  2. We want to record pollinator visitation, so it needs to be close to a lake/pond/wetland etc.
  3. Make sure solar panels will have sunlight, and not be exposed to shade
  4. We will place this system close to Kapp Nathrost

Task 1

Look at the location using TopoSvalbard search for “Kapp Nathorst”. Note down any challenges and potential locations for the system.

Task 2

Explore the VFG for Kapp Nathorst (Bellow) to get a sense of the area. Some questions to consider / discuss:

  1. Using the VFG where would you place this system?
  2. Note down any challenges one might face
  3. How good of a location is this? Would something make it better?
  4. How did the VFG different from the expectation you got of Kapp Nathorst from the map (toposvalbard)?

Kapp Nathorst VFG